Germicidal UV-C+ Replacement Light Bulb for your JADE SCA5000C Air Purification System.

The Germicidal UV-C+ needs to be changed just under one year (running 24/7). The bulb needs to be replaced when the indicator lights are flashing. 


Replacing the Germicidal UV-C+ bulb

When the UV indicator light flashes, it is time to replace the Germicidal UV-C+ bulb.

  1. Stop the operation and unplug the unit.
  2. Open the bottom, disconnect the power cord from Germicidal UV-C+ bulb, remove screw and then twist to open the UV Lamp Set to take out the used Germicidal UV-C+ bulb.
  3. Replace with a new one and put new Germicidal UV-C+ bulb back in the unit, close the UV Lamp Set, re-connect the power cord and put the bottom back on (See page 8 & 9).
  4. Hold the UV button 3 seconds to reset the indicator light.

UV-C+ Bulbs