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What do Surgically Clean Air Purifiers do?

Our World Class medical-grade air purification systems are suited for use in many industries. Currently, Hospitals, Medical Labs, Surgery Centres, Nursing Homes, Dental Offices, Medical Labs, Funeral Homes, Professional Sports Teams, Commercial Offices, Fitness Centres, Day Care Centres and High-End Residences have made the Crystal Clear choice.

What technologies are utilized in Surgically Clean Air Purifiers?

There are six stages of technology used in the Surgically Clean Air Purifier.

  1. The pre-filter stage catches the largest particles as room air is drawn through the intake chamber. The anti-biotic pre-filter prevents most bacteria and germs from growing.
  2. The dual-stage electronic precipitator stage captures particulate down to 0.01 microns in size, 15,000 times smaller than a human hair. In the ionizing section of the precipitator, billions of microscopic particles become electronically charged as they pass through the powerful electrical field. The collector plates in the precipitator immediately attract and contain these “charged” particles.
  3. The activated carbon filter and molecular sieve stage absorbs odours, chemicals and gases.
  4. The photo-catalytic stage captures residue from destroyed organic VOCs, bacteria and viral organisms.
  5. The dual high intensity, U.V.(ultraviolet) chamber not only disables the DNA of viruses and bacteria, it utterly destroys them.
  6. Before the pure, clean air is circulated back into the room, the air is revitalized with negative ions. Negative ions increase the flow of oxygen to the brain; resulting in higher alertness, decreased drowsiness and more mental energy.

How much electricity does a Surgically Clean Air Purifier use?

In keeping with our low running cost principles;

  1. The Cascade White air purifier is equivalent to running 2x60W light bulbs
  2. The Carbon Granite air purifier has an equivalent energy use less than 2x60W light bulbs.

Will a Surgically Clean Air Purifier alter the temperature of my indoor environment?

Not directly as a Surgically Clean Air Purifier has no heating or cooling components. They do however circulate the air within a room which can have some indirect positive effects on indoor air temperature.

Will the Surgically Clean Air  Purifier alter the humidity of my indoor environment?

Not directly as a Surgically Clean Air Purifier has no water connected to it. They do however circulate the air within a room which can have some indirect positive effects on humidity.

Is the Surgically Clean Air Cascade White Air Purifier for commercial use only?

The Surgically Clean Air Cascade White Air Purifier has been developed to clean the air in larger indoor spaces. This makes them ideal for commercial applications, as well as for larger residential homes.

Are Surgically Clean Air Purifiers safety certified?

All Surgically Clean Air Purifiers are independently lab tested and certified to be in compliance with UL standard 867 and CSA standard C22.2 No. 187-M1986 by ETL and bears The ETL and CETL mark under report No. 3035728.005.

Sometimes you may hear a “snapping” noise when a Surgically Clean Air Purifier is operating – why is that?

During initial use, snapping sounds may be heard and are completely safe. This is normal and the unit may continue to make these noises for the first few days of operation as large dust particles in the unit are “zapped” by the electronic cell. After the break-in period, only an occasional snap will be heard. As the cell becomes dirty, it will snap more frequently. When this occurs, the cell should be washed. If the unit is wet it can also make snapping sounds – if this happens, remove the electronic cell and wait until it is dry.

Which speed should I use on my Surgically Clean Air Purifier?

Surgically Clean Air Purifiers clean the air by means of the superior 6-stage filtration system and its large airflow capacity. The more air that you move through the Air Purifier the more you clean the air. Therefore you should adjust the air flow based on the level of cleaning you desire. The higher the airflow the “cleaner” your indoor air will be.

Does a Surgically Clean Air Purifier still work as well with the windows open?

Of course, the 6-stage filtration is always working at its maximum effectiveness whenever the unit is turned on, and the more airflow through the room and the unit the more the air “gets clean”. So when open windows create airflow currents it helps to circulate air through the room and spreads the clean air out faster and allows the dirty air to get to the machine easier.

I see air purifiers at my local hardware store selling for a lot less than a Surgically Clean Air Purifier. What’s the difference between them and a Surgically Clean Air Purifier?

In general, the cheaper the unit the less sophisticated a filtration system it has and the less air flow movement it creates. The combination of these two results in drastically reduced air cleaning efficiency. In addition, depending on the amount of pollutants in the air, the small amount of carbon found in many substandard air purifiers can be depleted within weeks, making the unit useless very quickly. Other major issues with low-cost units are increased noise, reduced reliability, higher operating costs, difficulties in finding replacement filters, and in some cases, toxic off-gassing or ozone production.

How will I know if my Surgically Clean Air Purifier is actually removing harmful contaminants from the air?

Air purification is generally an invisible operation. That said, our clients tell us that they notice the difference once they install a Surgically Clean Air Purifier. They find the air to be fresher and lighter, they feel more energized, and they see less dust on furniture, floors and fixtures. You will also notice how well it is working when you clean the pre-filter which is often black with dirt even from rooms whose air looks relatively clean. For a more scientific measurement a particle counter can be used, or you can conduct a professional air quality assessment, to see that the number of particles or level of toxins in room air is dramatically reduced after using a Surgically Clean Air Purifier.

Can I leave my Surgically Clean Air Purifier on all the time?

Yes! Surgically Clean Air Purifiers are designed and built for continuous use to keep continuously cleaning the air. In fact, we encourage customers to leave their air cleaner on at all times to achieve the healthiest living environment possible.

How much noise does a Surgically Clean Air Purifier create?

The Cascade White Air Purifier is one of the quietest Medical and Commercial Grade systems on the market today. Our unique Sound Dampening Design allows a Surgically Clean Air Purifier to move a large capacity air flow at whisper quiet levels. Approximately, 55dB which is similar to most kitchen dishwashers. SOUND LEVEL: (Measured at 6ft) Low: <45dB (A)
Medium: <50dB (A)
High: <55dB (A)

Is it difficult to change the filters on a Surgically Clean Air Purifier?

Changing the filters on a Surgically Clean Air Cascade White or Carbon Granite Air Purifier is very easy. The filters can be cleaned and changed in a matter of minutes. You do not need any special tools or skills. Simply pull off the front panel and you can access the pre-filter (which slides out), the electronic cell which pulls out, the carbon filter which pulls out and unclips the UV bulbs when it is time to change them. We have created simple to follow instructions in a “How-To” video on this website or you can download a PDF document here: ' HOW TO GUIDE'

How expensive are the filters and UV Bulbs that need to be changed on a Surgically Clean Air Purifier?

All Surgically Clean Air Purifiers are designed to be very easy and inexpensive to maintain. Please visit our 'FILTERS & ACCESSORIES' section for more details.

When do I need to clean and change the filters in a Surgically Clean Air Purifiers?

All Surgically Clean Air Purifiers have indicators on the control panel and these are explained in the user manual. There is no guesswork involved. Each element is very easy to clean or change as required, and we have designed each unit to have very few parts to replace which keeps the annual cost very low. The time between cleanings will vary depending on how long you run your unit each day and how dirty your indoor air is. On average we recommend the following maintenance schedule. For step-by- step instructions on cleaning or replacing each of the filter stages for the Jade, please click on the following link to download our ' HOW TO GUIDE'

Do Surgically Clean Air Purifiers emit ozone?

No! In fact, indoor ozone levels are actually reduced when operating a Surgically Clean Air Purifiers because of the sophisticated technologies contained within our unique 6-Stage Filtration process. RTI International, a reputable independent third-party research company, did testing which proved that a Surgically Clean Air Purifier does not produce measurable levels of ozone documented in the attached letter.

Do Surgically Clean Air Purifiers produce or introduce anything that can be considered harmful to your health?

No. Surgically Clean Air Purifiers are designed to clean indoor air safely.

Why do Surgically Clean Air Purifiers have a Negative Ion function?

According to Columbia University, studies of people with winter and chronic depression that were placed in air with a higher concentration of negative ions show that the negative ions helped relieve their depression as much as antidepressants, without the side effects associated with taking drugs. Today, general scientific understanding suggests that negative ions increase the flow of oxygen to the brain which results in more mental energy, decreased drowsiness and higher mental alertness. Not everyone experiences the same level of benefit from breathing in negative ions, but for those that do it can make you feel very refreshed. Beyond making us feel great, negative ions, such as those emitted from a Surgically Clean Air Purifier, can also help to clean the air.


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